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WaterMark Certification Scheme

WaterMark is a government regulatory scheme, and is currently administered by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB).

The Scheme falls under the Plumbing Code of Australia (AS 5200) and is designed to provide a uniform national approach to plumbing product approvals. All WaterMark Certified products/goods comply with all present relevant standards and specifications.

WaterMark is a mandatory scheme in Australia, showing a product complies to a specific Australian or International Standard.

A WaterMark, normally applied to products that are installed in the Water Supply system.
Some examples are:
– Shower and Tap fittings
– Hot Water Systems
– Pipes, Valves and Fixtures
– High Hazard Appliances
– Waste Unites
– Drainage Pipes, Valves and Fixtures
– Low Hazard Appliances

Though a mandatory scheme, there are some exemptions.
These can be found on the ABCB’s website here.

WaterMark Certification is based on the supply of test reports (from NATA or ILAC approved laboratories and testing facilities), technical documentation, quality plan and on-going annual audits.

What is Required for a CodeMark Certification

CMI has put together a handy document which outlines the minimum requirements for each scheme.

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