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Future Friendly (ETV)

We have developed the Future Friendly program with the building and construction industries in mind. Our Future Friendly program is adapted from the EU Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) pilot program.

Globally we are facing a number of environmental challenges including resource depletion, biodiversity loss, increasing water scarcity, air pollution and climate change.

Innovative environmental technologies could pay a significant role in addressing them, however, in some cases, new technologies meet a series of barriers in breaking into the market and accessing potential users.

 What is Future Friendly?

The Future Friendly Environmental Technology Verification program is a new tool for companies developing innovative environmental technologies. On a voluntary basis, Future Friendly provides the independent verification by qualified, independent organisations of the performance of new environmental technologies.

This will help manufacturers to prove the reliability of performance claims and it will help technology purchases to identify innovations fitting their needs.

What technologies are concerned?

The Future Friendly (ETV) program is open to all technologies ready for the market and presenting a potential for innovation and environmental benefit in these 3 areas initially:

1. Water treatment and monitoring (monitoring of water quality, treatment of drinking water and of waste water)
2. Materials, waste and resources (separation and sorting of solid waste, recycling of materials, end-of-life products and chemicals, products made of biomass)
3. Energy technologies (renewable sources of energy, energy from waste, energy efficiency technologies)

How does it work?

The process of verifying a technology under the Future Friendly (ETV) program is managed by an accredited Verification Body (eg: CMI) competent for implementing ETV in the relevant technology area. The main steps of verification are as follows:

Proposal Phase: first contact with CMI quick assessment of the technology, advise on whether to undertake the verification or not, cost estimate.
Specific verification protocol preparation: definition of technical parameters to be verified, requirements on tests and test data quality.
Assessment of existing data: checking whether existing data fulfill all requirements or further tests are necessary.
Testing: if necessary, definition of test plan, testing and reporting on tests.
Assessment of all data and Verification: final assessment of test data and certification requirements.
Reporting: Publication of Verification Statement.

What is required for a Future Friendly (ETV)?

  • Have a product that solves or significantly improves upon an environmental problem.
  • Testing data to back up claims

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