Scheme FireMark


A FireMark certification incorporates CodeMark and WaterMark to provide a certification system with mandatory acceptance of products certified under the schemes. The rigor associated with the certification process ensures that the regulator, specifier, customer and end-user can have confidence in the performance of the product or system.

A certified product gives assurances to the performance of the product. Using certified products, correctly installed, provides a powerful demonstration that due diligence have been served.


For manufacturers of fire protection products and systems, this offers the opportunity to differentiate products and processes from non-certified equivalents.


For architects, specifiers, contractors and building owners, certification provides assurance that fire protection products and systems correctly installed will perform in accordance with the requirements of the Building Code. This includes evidence to support the use of a material, form of construction or design that meets the performance requirements, an acceptable solutions or a deemed-to-satisfy provision.

Fire Tested Products

A Fire Test report only demonstrates that a sample of a product was tested on a particular day in a fire testing facility and achieved a certain result. However, the Fire Test report does not guarantee that the product that is supplied to site is the same as the one that was tested. This is reliant on the manufacturer to achieve, and if manufacturing methods or source materials have changed, the test report would be invalid, and there is no way for the end user of the product to verify the pedigree of the product being sullied.

However, a product that has undergone the certification process, means that the manufacturer is committed to an ongoing relationship with CMI and that there will be regularly and ongoing checks of their quality control systems, manufacturing methods and fire test reports. This gives a much higher level of confidence that the product that is supplied to site, meets the required fire standards.

What is required for a FireMark?

CMI has put together a handy document which outlines the minimum requirements for each scheme.

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