CodeMark Australia Certificate Scheme

The CodeMark Certification Scheme is a voluntary third-party building product certification scheme, administered by the Australian Building Codes Board.

It supports the use of new or innovative building products in specified circumstances in Australia, by providing a nationally accepted process for demonstrating compliance with the National Construction Code.

CodeMark Certification is based on the supply of technical data and the conduct of relevant audits as well as on-going annual audit requirements to ensure continued compliance with the scheme.

Dedicated to all things building and plumbing, this is where you find information from the ABCB on matters directly relevant to the NCC:

Keep up-to-date on scheme developments from the ABCB for the CodeMark Certification Scheme and the WaterMark Certification Scheme:

Changes to your product since it was certified

The things you need to let CertMark International know that may or have changed since your product was originally certified are:

  • Change of Suppliers of any Raw Materials or Components
  • Change to Certified Product Specifications or Design
  • Change of Manufacturing Location
  • Change to Marking, Packaging, User Instructions, Installation Instructions etc
  • Change in Details or Address of Certificate Holder
  • Change to Standard or claims within the Standard

This notification should occur prior to the changes being actually implemented so that CertMark International can discuss and advise the actions/updates that maybe required to be undertaken because of the change.

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