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CertMark Product Evaluation Scheme

CertMark International (CMI) Evaluation Report Service.

A CMI Evaluation Report is a well-accepted means to demonstrate Evidence of Suitability against the Building Code to Building Certifiers Architects and Designers that their products have been assessed and tested thoroughly.

A CMI Product Evaluation Certification, is based on the supply of test reports (from NATA or ILAC approved laboratories and testing facilities), technical documentation, quality plan and on-going annual audits.

What’s included in an CMI Product Evaluation Report?

Each report provides, at a minimum, the following:
  • Information on the product report holder and a description of the building product and its intended uses.
  • The applicable building code clauses and or Standards that were used to evaluate the product and a brief description of the product’s properties.
  • Installation instructions that identify requirements to help the building certifier ensure the product is installed properly.
  • List of data (i.e., test reports, calculations, installation instructions) that was used in evaluating the product.
  • Information to help identify the product correctly on building sites

What is Required for a Product Evaluation Report

CMI has put together a handy document which outlines the minimum requirements for each scheme.

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