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CertMark Product Certification Scheme

Our JAS-ANZ accredited CertMark Product Certification scheme is classed as a Type 5 certification scheme.

This Certification Scheme is our most flexible scheme, which can be adapted to the majority of products, covering Australia, New Zealand and many other countries around the globe. Our CertMark Product Certification has been developed to show product compliance to a specific standards such as AS/NZS, AS, NZS, NFPA, ASTM and ISO.

Our CertMark Product Certification can show compliance to a national, regional or international standard, based on the supply of test reports from recognised testing laboratory such as, NATA, IANZ or ILAC approved laboratories and testing facilities, manufacturing site audits, technical documentation, Product Quality Plan (PQP) and on-going annual audits.

It is a highly respected and recognised Product Certification service that meets all the requirements for third parties product accreditation in line with the requirements of ISO 17065, and complies with Australian, New Zealand and International Standards.

JAS-ANZ Accredited

We have over 400 products that have now been listed as under our JAS-ANZ Accreditation scope.
You can view our full range of JAS-ANZ accredited standards on the JAS-ANZ website.

Product Categories

Construction and Building Material

Glass, Windows, Plywood, Insulation and Tanks

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Eyewear, Helments, Respirators foot wear


Fire detection, Fire Alarm systems and Fire extinguishers


Child Restrains, Bicycles, Potting mix, Ladders, Prams, Cots, Jacks and Breathalysers

What is required for a CertMark Certification?

In order to achieve CertMark Certification, the subject material or product must:

  • Be tested by a recognised testing laboratory such as NATA or ILAC approved laboratories and testing facilities;
  • Meet the requirements of the relevant standard;
  • Be manufactured in accordance with an approved Quality Assurance Program; and
  • Carry a warranty.

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