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CertMark Product Certification Scheme

Product Categories – CMI Certifiable


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Building Materials

What is required for a CertMark Certification?

In order to achieve CertMark Certification, the subject material or product must:

  • Be tested by a recognised testing laboratory such as NATA or ILAC approved laboratories and testing facilities;
  • Meet the requirements of the relevant standard;
  • Be manufactured in accordance with an approved Quality Assurance Program; and
  • Carry a warranty.

The CMI Product Certification Scheme has been developed to provide a third-party conformity assessment process based on the requirements of ISO/IEC 17065 & ISO/IEC 17067 (Type 5 Scheme) which is cost-effective and accredited by Joint Accreditation System of Australia & New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) to assist Manufacturers, Importers or Distributors to have their products independently evaluated against the requirements of specific Australian (AS), New Zealand (NZS) joint standards (AS/NZS) or other International product standards (such as ISO, NFPA, ASTM).

The overall aim of a Manufacturer, Importer or Distributor certifying their product through this Product Certification Scheme is to give confidence to all interested parties such as consumers, companies, employers, employees, regulators, government, non-government organisations and members of the public that the product fulfills specified testing and performance requirements through an accredited third-party conformity assessment process as well as the specific standard they are accredited against.

This Product Certification Scheme also assists Manufacturers, Importers or Distributors who have product certification needs across the WaterMark or CodeMark Schemes to combine these activities at the same time with this Scheme, minimising the need to deal with multiple Certification Bodies, combining audits and reducing certification costs across multiple schemes.


  • Benefits of products being evaluated and certified under this Product Certification Scheme are:
  • Assists in reducing product manufacturing and compliance risks by auditing the product manufacturing and ongoing supply processes through an independent JAS-ANZ accredited Certification Body
  • Adds credibility to the compliance of the product against the requirements of a specific standard compared to a product which is not evaluated and certified by such a process.
  • Maintains effective controls of manufacturing and internal processes & procedures relating to the products being certified.
  • Assists with continual improvement of manufacturing and internal processes & procedures.
  • Providing a cost-effective evaluation and Product Certification process.
  • Minimising the chance of product failure due to non-compliance to a specific standard which may cause damage, injury or even death.
  • Reducing the chance of a product having to be recalled due to non-compliance to a specific standard or if a recall is required, potentially limiting the recall to a specific batch or batches.
  • Ensuring the product being manufactured, imported or sold is tested in accordance with the requirements of a specific standard and that the testing was completed by a laboratory with the capability to undertake the test and all required tests were carried out successfully against the standard.
  • Ensuring that the manufacturing processes, components and raw materials are controlled from initial certification as well as on an ongoing basis throughout the life of the certification for reproducibility against the products that were tested.
  • Ensuring that the products are correctly marked and supporting documentation meets the requirements of the specific standard evaluated against.
  • Provision of a process to advise CMI that a product certified by CMI may not meet the testing or performance requirements of a specific standard so that appropriate investigation and action can be taken by CMI.

The products and specific standards certified by CMI under this Product Certification Scheme are publicly available for verification at https://register.certmark.org/. The CMI symbol is a valuable asset in promoting confidence that a product has been through a rigorous certification process and combined with the unique CMI certification licence number allows for product certification traceability.

Where the standard certified is also accredited by JAS-ANZ these products will be listed on the JAS-ANZ Certification Register which are publicly available for verification at https://register.jas-anz.org/certified-organisations. The JAS-ANZ symbol is also a valuable asset in promoting confidence that a product has been through a rigorous certification process. See CMI’s JAS-ANZ accredited standards at:  JAS-ANZ website.


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