WaterMark Enhanced Scheme


It is great pleasure that we can announce that the review into the WaterMark Scheme has concluded with consolidated Scheme Rules to be known as the Manual for the WaterMark Certification Scheme.
This Manual will come in affect from the 1st of August 2017.


A Notice of Direction called ‘Improved WaterMark Certification Scheme Transition Arrangements’ has been released from the ABCB with key information pertaining to the transition requirements.


All new WaterMark Certifications will be issued to the Enhanced Scheme. All current WaterMark Certifications will be transitioned over the to the Enhanced Scheme in line with the transition requirements.


Please note significant changes have been made which affect all current certifications, specifically pertaining to surveillance (annual and reaccreditation) to include market sampling, as well as requirements for the potential to undertake product retesting during the course of the certification.


It is important to note that whilst the Enhanced Scheme is still WaterMark, all WaterMark Clients will be requested to enter into new agreements and go through additional stages to conform to the new requirements of the Scheme.


Your Client Liaison Officer will be in touch to highlight any and all requirements that are relevant to you in due course.


In the interim, it is advised to take some time to read through the new Manual for the WaterMark Certification Scheme and the other documentation provided by the ABCB stipulating to the enhanced scheme.


If there is anything further we can clarify, please contact your Client Liaison Officer.


WaterMark Updated Schedules


Updated Schedules

Please be advised the WaterMark Schedule of Specifications and the WaterMark Schedule of Products have been updated.

Note the Schedule of Products replaces the Schedule of Specifications from 1 July 2017.

Changes to both Schedules include:

  • listing of the recently adopted AS 4032.4 Thermostatically controlled taps for the control of heated water supply temperatures
  • removal of AS 1646.1, AS 1646.2 and AS 1646.3 (2000). These standards were incorrectly referenced as they have been superseded by AS 1646:2007.
    Note AS 1646.4:2005 will be removed from the Schedule and the WaterMark database on 2 September 2017 as advised in Notice of Direction 2015/16.1

Adopted Standards

Amended versions (2017) of the following 3 standards have been adopted into the WaterMark scheme and listed on the WaterMark database (WMPD).

As outlined in Notice of Direction 2015/16.1 the superseded versions of these standards will remain on WMPD for one year to provide sufficient time for products to be re-evaluated to the current version.

  • AS/NZS 1260 – PVC-U pipes and fittings for drain, waste and vent applications
  • AS/NZS 4441 – Oriented PVC (PVC-O) pipes for pressure applications (ISO 16422:2014, MOD)
  • AS/NZS 4765 – Modified PVC (PVC-M) pipes for pressure applications.

Database Licence Summary

Due to privacy concerns the listing of Approved User phone and email details has been removed from the Licence Summary report available from the public user WaterMark database.
This information will now only be viewable via the WMCAB and ABCB WaterMark database Administration Portals.

Improved WaterMark Product Database has been launched.


ABCB has notified CMI this morning to advise that the improved WaterMark Product Database has been launched.

The public user version of the database is accessible from the existing location on the ABCB website at http://www.abcb.gov.au/Product-Certification/WaterMark-Certification-Scheme/WMPD-Search

For reference, a short video has been published on How to use the public version of the WaterMark Database

Updated Schedule of Products and Exempt Products for WaterMark


These Schedules have been prepared as a result of completion of Stage One of the ABCB project to review products for inclusion in or exclusion from the improved Scheme.

The Schedules have been published in advance of implementation of the improved Scheme on 1 July 2017 to enable stakeholders to commence transition.

From 1 July 2017, any products whose inclusion/exclusion status has changed must be certified or may have certification terminated within a period of 2 years.

In addition, any or new or innovative products not listed in either Schedule must undergo a full risk assessment to determine inclusion in or exclusion from the improved Scheme.

These changes Can be found at WaterMark Schedule of Products and the WaterMark Schedule of Excluded Products.

Updated list of WaterMark Technical Specifications

Today WaterMark has advised that the WaterMark Technical Specifications page of the ABCB website has been updated to include an additional 48 WaterMark Technical Specifications (WMTS).

The WMTS were formerly known as Australian Technical Specifications (ATS) published by Standards Australia. The documents have been re-branded and renamed as WMTS and replace the former ATS. The documents have not been otherwise revised and the technical content of the rebranded WMTS is the same as that of the former ATS.

The former ATS document title format has been retained, as has the three digit suffix reference number. For example, ATS 5200.014-2004 Technical Specification for plumbing and drainage products – Jointing materials has been rebranded as WMTS.014:2016 Jointing materials.

WMTS are freely available and may be downloaded from the ABCB website www.abcb.gov.au

ABRB – Issue 18 Released

The ABRB is one of the ABCB’s key mechanisms for delivering and raising awareness of technically based information directly relevant to the building and plumbing industry and the community. This electronic publication provides a means for delivering information on code-related issues that address specific technical matters, contains information on broader building and plumbing regulations, and provides for expert opinions on significant technical and regulatory topics.

The ABRB is produced three times each year and is an information service to users of the NCC.

This is the August 2016 edition.

Visit the ABCB website for the PDF Download

Blue Sun Group – Bluey Solar Water Heater

CertMark International would like to congratulate Blue Sun Group Ltd for achieving WaterMark® and CertMark Type Test accreditation for their product range of Bluey Solar Water Heater Systems.

Blue Sun Group has on their schedule a number of different models, with tanks ranging from 270L to 450L, all compiling to AS/NZS 2712-2007.  For the full list please refer to their individual certificates, CMA-TT10028 and CMA-WM-080032 avaliable on the CMI Regsiter.

For more information on Blue Sun Group Ltd go to www.bluesun-group.com.au .