The importance of correct test results

Certification can be a lengthy and drawn out process that can cost time and money to not only your organisation but your customers as well. To help keep this at bay there are helpful pointers that can be addressed before commencement of Accreditation. One of which is knowing the importance of correct test results.

What happens if I don’t have testing?
We are CertMark understand that not all products have testing conducted and as such we have staff members on deck that can write ‘Scope of Testing’. These documents actually specify what testing is required for your specific product.

I have testing, but I don’t know if it’s the right testing
For test data to be accepted for the Accreditation it has to be conducted by either NATA or ILAC accredited laboratories and testing facilities. This is keep consistency within the Scheme with the products being certified. If you have testing data and you are unsure if it is eligibility please contact one of our staff members to assist you.

I have test data, but it’s from another country. Can this be used?
With majority of our Clients importing from other countries, it’s no surprise that there may be no Australian or New Zealand test results conducted on the product. This does not mean that you are required to re-do the testing, in fact the Scheme was developed with this in mind, as well as the specific idea of new and innovative products that don’t necessarily have standards or clause in Australia and New Zealand and as such Testing Data from the respectable countries may be complicated to come by. Testing data from other countries is used and compared to what the standards would be in Australia by our Technical Experts and Engineers.

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