WaterMark Certification Scheme Risk Assessment Notification 2021/R71

See below notice from the ABCB

Product Assessed: Hydrogen hybrid battery storage system


The WaterMark Administration advises it has reviewed a risk assessment submitted for the above mentioned product. The primary function of this system is to convert water into storable hydrogen energy via electrolysis.The WaterMark Administration verifies that the risk assessment for this product has identified no risks requiring mitigation through the WaterMark Certification Scheme.


The Risk Assessment identified the overall risk rating being low for the nominated health and safety consequences incidences. In accordance with the Manual for the WaterMark Certification Scheme, Appendix 3, Table D, any product with an overall risk rating of low will be listed on the WaterMark Schedule of Excluded Products and will not require WaterMark Certification.


25 May 2021

https://certmark.org/downloads/wm-risk_assessment_notification/R71 – WaterMark product risk assessment notice for hydrogen storage