CMI Advisory Notice: 11/2020

Scheme and JAS-ANZ Logo Usage –Terms & Conditions & CMI Style Guide

CMI have now updated our Terms & Conditions. The current Terms & Conditions, dated 05/11/2020, version 4, now specifies the requirement to comply with CMIs Style Guide.

The Style Guide details the requirements for logo usage under the WaterMark, Product Certification and CodeMark Schemes. Included in this update are the requirements for usage of the JAS-ANZ logo. All clients are asked to read and understand the CMI Style Guide and current Terms & Conditions and make any necessary adjustments to their logo usage if required.

Client’s onsite audits will continue to verify correct logo usage and any identified issues will be raised as Non-Conformities for rectification within a set timeframe.

Please contact our office immediately if any clarification is required on the above or you are unable to view the relevant documents on our website:

CertMark International
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