Important Notice Update 2


CMI is pleased to advise that the suspension of our accreditation has been lifted by JAS-ANZ and that we are once again able to offer our full range of services.

The lifting of our suspension comes with several conditions placed on CMI by JAS-ANZ. CMI has agreed to these conditions and moving forward we will strive to meet these requirements.

One of these conditions will be JAS-ANZ conducting random technical oversite of new certifications issued by CMI on a 3 monthly cycle, as well as reviewing, at random, existing certifications. CMI sees this as a positive initiative and is happy to work with JAS-ANZ in this way moving forward.  

As part of its process for reviewing CMI’s policy and procedures during the suspension period, JAS-ANZ conducted a comprehensive on site 3 day audit of CMI. The audit included JAS-ANZ having their Building Code of Australia Expert in attendance for the 3 days which was a very enlightening experience.

A number of very important changes to CMI’s Policy’s & procedures were agreed upon during the audit which will strengthen the procedures already in place. Consequently, a number of New Policies and Procedures have also been implemented.

Moving forward, any such changes or additions to our policy’s and procedures which affect your certification, will be notified to you during your next scheduled surveillance or Certification activity where you will transition across to CMIs updated documentation, as advised to you previously in CMIs Advisory Notice 08/2019.

Construction site audits

One area that was identified as requiring greater attention was the need for ongoing construction site audit. In particular these are of vital importance for systems that are “Manufactured on site”. By Construction Site Audits we refer to a product or system that is installed on-site and relies on other components to achieve the tested specifications cited on the Certificate of Conformity.

CMI has now put together a Protocol for the determination of Construction Site Audits which confirms it is a requirement that any system which relies on an installation method, that incorporates the application of certain materials to a specific brand, composition, thickness, density/weight et cetera, to achieve tested compliance parameters, requires onsite verification of the installation methodology.

Further to this, the Unrestricted Building Certifier (UBC) and CMI are required to consider the following criteria, at the Evaluation Planning stage, when making a determination on the requirement for a Construction Site Audit.

It should be noted that one or a combination of the following may trigger the requirement for this audit:

Whether the product is applied onsite. If Yes, this will require a site audit.
The risk assessment conducted by CMI at the Application Review stage to determine the ongoing Audit Schedule
The complexity of product’s installation and the skill levels required indicate specialised trade skills

Declaration of product Compliance

CMI has recently advised all of its clients for the need to supply declarations of compliance. Unfortunately, some of the responses we have received have been unacceptable. Declarations of compliance are much more than a letter stating the product complies. As advised in our recent notice 08/2009 there are 3 categories of Certificate Holder;

  • Manufacturers
  • Manufacturer/Distributor
  • Distributor

Each of these categories has different requirements in relation to the products they provide into the marketplace. CMI has prepared a template and will make this available upon request. It is important to note that if your system relies on other components from achieve its compliance, its your responsibility to obtain declarations of compliance from the various manufacturers. This can be done by obtaining specific sheets from the manufacturers.

As a result of the suspension and working with JAS-ANZ on areas that required revision and improvement, CMI are sure that our procedures moving forward, will be more robust and better able to inspire confidence in the marketplace.

CMI would like to thank its valued clients for the tremendous amount of support received during the period of suspension, and thank you all for your patience.

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