CMI Advisory Notice: Surveillances, Renewals & Multiple Product Certificates.

Advisory Notice
No. 01/2019

CMI Advisory Notice: Surveillances, Renewals & Multiple Product Certificates.

Subject: Surveillances and Renewals

Following the conclusion of 2018, CMI has conducted an internal review of the timeframes for notification, organisation and completion of Surveillance and Renewal Audits, which are a requirement of all CMI run schemes.

The outcome of this review determined that sufficient time has not been allocated to ensure the timely execution of the required procedures, which includes the close out of any Non-Conformities which could be the requirements for additional evidence to substantiate the clauses or standards listed on the Certificate of Conformity. Subsequently, CMI has produced, and published on our website, a Policy and Procedure relating to Surveillance and Renewal Audits, including the increase of notification time to our Clients from three months, to four months. CMI strongly recommends that this document be reviewed ASAP so that you are aware for your next upcoming audit. It is available here for your viewing, along with other public documents CMI publishes –

Subject: CMI Fee Structures

Further to CMIs published documents, CMI also publishes our fee structures to provide our clients with current certifications costs, inclusive of ongoing certification fees.

Please note, at present, these have been temporarily taken down for review and will be back up on our website by 25/01/2019.

Subject: CMI Amendment to Multiple Product Certificates of Conformity

CMI wishes to advise all our valued Clients of the following amendment in relation to multiple products on Certificates of Conformities.

In some cases, CMI has issued Certificates of Conformities that reference products which have different uses in the construction process.

For example, paneling which can be used for both wall and flooring applications. Upon consultation with JAS-ANZ and building code compliance experts, this practice has been deemed to be less than ideal. Many of the compliance clauses cited on such certificates carry over from one section of the building code to another. This has the potential to make the Certificate appear ambiguous.

CMI, in consultation with JAS-ANZ, have agreed that any certificates which fall into this category must be reviewed and reissued as separate Certificates of Conformities, dealing specifically with the use of the product and its related code conformity clauses.

CMI will undertake this process at the next audit of the Certificate of Conformity or Certificate Holder, unless there is a more pressing need such as industry or regulatory body input.

CMI would like to thank our Clients for their understanding in the above matters, should clarification be required please do not hesitate to contact us.

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