Risk Assessment Notification – 2017/R21

R21 – Risk Assessment Notice.pdf

Product Assessed: – Recirculating Shower

The WaterMark Administration advises that it has undertaken a review of potential risks associated with a new/innovative product. The product is a shower device which recirculates the shower waste water for re-use while the shower is in use.
The WaterMark Administration verifies that the use of grey water for personal hygiene is not permitted by the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) or State and Territory Health/Environment regulations as this presents a high risk to public health and safety.
The ABCB confirms that, given the risks identified, this type of product cannot be certified and authorised for use within a plumbing and drainage installation through the WaterMark Certification Scheme.
This outcome is based on the following advice provided by both the WaterMark Technical Advisory Committee and the State and Territory Plumbing Administrations:-

  • The water being circulated in this product is classified as ‘grey water’. The use of grey water for personal hygiene is not in accordance with the requirements of the PCA. Under Part B1, the performance requirements state that cold water installation intended to supply cold water for human consumption, food preparation, food utensil washing, or personal hygiene must be connected to a drinking water supply.
  • The use of grey water in each State and Territory is regulated by either the Department of Health, or the Department of Environment, where the use of grey water for ‘bathing’ or ‘showering’ is prohibited.

04 December 2017.