CMI Advisory Note: Amendment to Limitation relating to Combustible Facades


Amendment to Limitation relating to Combustible Facades

Recently CMI release an Advisory Notice 07/2017 in relation to Combustible Facades and the requirement to have a mandatory Condition and Limitation to read as follows:

Reaction to Fire: This Certification relates only to the subject wall elements reaction to fire, and no evaluation has been made of any other wall system elements used in conjunction with the subject of this Certification. As there may be a potential for multiple combustible elements to be incorporated in constructing the wall system, a review of the proposed wall system, in its entirety, to verify its compliance to relevant fire safety clauses of the Building Code, should be undertaken by an appropriately qualified Fire Safety Engineer as well as the projects authority having jurisdiction.

Due to Industry feedback, this Condition and Limitation has been amended to read as follows:

This Certification relates only to the [subject of certification e.g. Product] and the [NZBC or BCA] Clauses, as detailed above. No evaluation has been made by CMI of any other element that may be incorporated in a system utlising this product.

CMI feel that this amendment will help clarify the purpose of this Condition and Limitation for Industry. As well as have the effect of highlighting the need for due diligence in the engineering and construction of fire rated walls as well as ensuring the safety of the occupants of the building.

If you require any further clarification, please contact your Client Liaison Officer.

John Thorpe Roni Bezic BEng(civ)
Chief Executive Principal Engineer


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