WaterMark Enhanced Scheme


It is great pleasure that we can announce that the review into the WaterMark Scheme has concluded with consolidated Scheme Rules to be known as the Manual for the WaterMark Certification Scheme.
This Manual will come in affect from the 1st of August 2017.


A Notice of Direction called ‘Improved WaterMark Certification Scheme Transition Arrangements’ has been released from the ABCB with key information pertaining to the transition requirements.


All new WaterMark Certifications will be issued to the Enhanced Scheme. All current WaterMark Certifications will be transitioned over the to the Enhanced Scheme in line with the transition requirements.


Please note significant changes have been made which affect all current certifications, specifically pertaining to surveillance (annual and reaccreditation) to include market sampling, as well as requirements for the potential to undertake product retesting during the course of the certification.


It is important to note that whilst the Enhanced Scheme is still WaterMark, all WaterMark Clients will be requested to enter into new agreements and go through additional stages to conform to the new requirements of the Scheme.


Your Client Liaison Officer will be in touch to highlight any and all requirements that are relevant to you in due course.


In the interim, it is advised to take some time to read through the new Manual for the WaterMark Certification Scheme and the other documentation provided by the ABCB stipulating to the enhanced scheme.


If there is anything further we can clarify, please contact your Client Liaison Officer.