CMI Advisory Note: CMI’s Process on Technical and/or External Advice


CMI’s Process on Technical and/or External Advice.

Recently, CMI has received a number of queries which require the expertise of our suitably qualified external consultants. CMI is being asked to validate Certifications, Product Quality Plans and/or Installation Manuals, advise specific fitness for purpose of product, contact Customers, Building Certifiers, Councils and other interested parties on behalf of the Certificate Holder, to discuss information pertaining to Certifications and in some instances, enter into technical discussion on matters of engineering including things like Structural Suitability, Fire or Weatherproofing matters.

In nearly all cases a response to the enquiry will require CMI to seek advice from one or more of its technical or compliance experts. These experts are external consultants, who charge for their time. If CMI contacts an Engineer for an opinion based on an enquiry from a Certificate Holder, then it is the norm for CMI to be billed by the relevant person/s. It is a similar situation when our Unrestricted Building Certifier (UBC) is consulted as is required under the CodeMark Scheme.

In light of the above, we thought we should provide some clarification. CMI are experts in Compliance Auditing and Certification. We operate in line with International Standard ISO 17065, within the ABCB and MBIE guidelines and for the CodeMark and Watermark Scheme Rules. Our staff are, for the most part, Internal Auditors and Administrative staff trained at evaluating compliance in relation to the various certification schemes. CMI relies on external experts for its technical advice, as well as a heavy reliance on our UBC for the content of the Certificate of Conformity’s and compliance with the requirements of the relevant Building Code.

Your Client Liaison Officer and the other Administrative staff at CMI, do not have the technical training or qualifications, to make calls on the technical matters including content of your Certificate of Conformity. CMI are required under both the CodeMark and WaterMark Scheme Rules, as well as the requirements of ISO17065, to refer all technical enquires to the appropriately qualified technical expert.

Consequently, when a Certificate Holder contacts CMI for advice or with a request for us to “go into bat” for them on an enquiry relating to their certification, something that CMI is happy to do, it must be understood that there is a process involved as well as a fee for this service.

It is also important that a very well defined paper trail is kept of all such enquires and any subsequent actions resulting from such enquires. Consequently, CMI requires any requests for technical matters be made using the appropriate form found at

CMI wishes to assure you that we will always seek to answer such enquires in a professional and timely manner.