Updated list of WaterMark Technical Specifications

Today WaterMark has advised that the WaterMark Technical Specifications page of the ABCB website has been updated to include an additional 48 WaterMark Technical Specifications (WMTS).

The WMTS were formerly known as Australian Technical Specifications (ATS) published by Standards Australia. The documents have been re-branded and renamed as WMTS and replace the former ATS. The documents have not been otherwise revised and the technical content of the rebranded WMTS is the same as that of the former ATS.

The former ATS document title format has been retained, as has the three digit suffix reference number. For example, ATS 5200.014-2004 Technical Specification for plumbing and drainage products – Jointing materials has been rebranded as WMTS.014:2016 Jointing materials.

WMTS are freely available and may be downloaded from the ABCB website www.abcb.gov.au