Enhanced CodeMark Scheme

Over the course of the last 3 year, the CodeMark™ Scheme has been under review. CertMark International (CMI) had the pleasure of meeting with the Australian Government Solicitor’s office, acting on behalf of the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB), in regards to the proposed enhanced CodeMark Scheme in Australia, on Friday the 4th of September.

It was advised that with the review nearing completion and the enhanced Scheme being implemented that there will be substantial changes to the Scheme, with some key elements being implemented at the start of 2016. The enhancements to the Scheme will include a more stringent surveillance of certificate holders, including an increased regime of product verification and testing.

The format of the current CodeMark certificates issued will be changed to better reflect industry’s requirements for a more comprehensive, evaluation report style certification document.

The ABCB has put forward a proposed new template for the enhanced evaluation certificate for discussion and comment by Certification Bodies. CMI is very supportive of this initiative.
As a result of these changes ALL currently issued CodeMark Certificates will need to be re-evaluated and transitioned to the new format and requirements.

It is expected that due to the expanded scope of content, some current certificates may not have the required testing data to meet the mandatory fields to be included in the schedule of compliance. It is likely that a grandfather clause will be applied to these certificate holders, to give a reasonable time limit applied to allow certificate holders to obtain relevant testing and other compliance information. CMI will product an evaluation plan for the products as well as a compliance summary that will provide a guide to the current product compliance and where any potential enhancements or additional information is required. CMI will keep you advised of the process and steps involved through the enhanced evaluation.

There will be cost associated with the revision of the certificates. CMI will endeavour to keep these to a minimum and will advise you of the costs prior to undertaking any review of your certificate.

CMI appreciates your cooperation during this period of transition to the new enhanced CodeMark program.



I’m currently going through certification, What does this mean for me?

As stated, CMI have met with the Australian Government Solicitor’s office, acting on behalf of the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) last week. This meeting was purely for informative reasons and as such CMI now has a clear direction in which the enhanced Scheme is going. CMI has started to adapt our policies and procedures in line with this direction, allowing for us to tailor the current certifications to the enhanced Scheme.

What this means is that all Clients currently going through certification are in a prime position and will be amongst the first to receive their certifications in line with the enhanced Scheme.

I cannot not envision that the costs indicated previously will affect Clients currently undergoing certification. As stated CMI now has clear direction and can implement any changes required during the current certification process’s. Certainly achieving CodeMark Certification prior to the enhanced Scheme coming into full affect will not result in your certificate being outdated.


I’ve had my certificate for a while now. What charges may be incurred by my organisation?

The enhanced evaluation review will be completed on all certifications that have been issued. There is potential for gaps to present themselves, if applicable, CMI will be required to communicate these gaps to our clients. There may be need for additional testing to be completed, or a revised scope of conformance.

It should be noted that this will not apply to all certifications.


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