Australian Construction Safety

What benefits can be derived from product certification in the construction industry?

The overall goals of any product compliance function within an organisation should be to:

  1. Understand market and customer needs/requirements concerning product compliance with relevant safety, technical standards, specifications and regulation.
  2. Minimise the company’s legal exposure by ensuring all regulatory compliance and product approval requirements are met.
  3. Minimise the impact of market driven (government/customer) product requirements by providing a resource/ability to confirm compliance with those requirements.

The use of certified, compliant products ensures the organisation and the organisation’s product presently comply and continue to comply with all product regulations, product approval and associated requirements in all geographic markets where the organisation or the organisation’s distributors are supplying product (target markets).

This is particularly important when considering new products or technology as it enable the company to obtain and review all necessary product compliance documentation to ensure product compliance. The organisation can also resolve any compliance anomalies that may arise, and obtain the required product approval(s) and if necessary, establish product Technical Construction Files (TCFs) or product Compliance Folders (CFs).

In the case of product variants and or modifications, certification of a product will enable the organisation to review all necessary compliance documentation concerning the variation/modification to ensure continued product compliance.  Resolve any compliance anomalies and where necessary, obtain new product approvals or apply to update existing product approval(s).

Certification is also an ideal way to incorporate new information in existing product Technical Construction Files (TCFs) or product Compliance Folders (CFs) as required relating to compliance of product variations/modifications (including review findings, record of compliance decisions and actions taken as a result of such product variation/modification documentation review).